The main team at Nanoport consists of the following individuals:

ANDREW MURAY Andrew’s areas of expertise include optics, electron optics, nanolithography, nano-devices, and physical simulation. After receiving his PhD in Applied Physics from Cornell University, he worked in research and development at Intel Technology in Oregon and California for 14 years, at Etec Systems for 7 years, and at Schlumberger/Fairchild in Test and Measurement R&D. Additionally, he has published more than 30 articles and holds 11 patents.

ROBIN TEITZEL Robin has over 20 years experience in electronics, software, and system development, and specializes in designing and developing complex precision laser and electron beam printers. He has worked for Tektronix, Ateq, Etec, and Applied Materials. He is listed on 13 patents, one patent application pending and nine publications. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Washington State University.